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GIF request for the lovely almalore // Giggling embarrassed Derren


A young Derren Brown subconsciously tricks unsuspecting shoppers into raising their hands for no reason // Mind Control 

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‘Derren’s Other Shoe’ song from Svengali

watching that was a mix of the best thing ever and kind of the worst thing in the world. It was amazing and completely captivating and a brilliant show, just as good televised as live but at some points it made me ache inside at how you just can’t understand the atmosphere or the pure fucking genius when you’re not there, experiencing it in the moment. I guess it’s like that with all live shows though, but I felt it particularly with Svengali rather than Enigma. I thought derren was as clever and witty as ever and I’m so happy that the internet will now be exposed to all the moments that make me want to cry on everything with how adorable/amazing/clever they are and i cannot wait to see all the gifs etc created. I have to sleep now because i can’t barely even type but OH GOD THAT WAS AMAZING HOW WILL I EVER REST WHEN I COULD BE RE WATCHING IT HEHEHEHEHEHHE

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